Destination India : meet “Pickle Tango”

Destination India : meet “Pickle Tango”

(credit photo: Pickle Tango Facebook Page).

It all started with pickle.

And by pickle, do not understand this sour cucumber that you eat with a funny face because it is too acid. Pickle in Indian are small pepper, stuffed with a blend of spices. They are then dried out in the sun during 1 month (recipe to be done in Summer!), then the peppers are chopped in small pieces and can be kept for over a year. Pickle will accompanies your meat, salad, all year long!

That is how Pallavi, the lovely lady behind Pickle Tango, started to spread her indian recipes to Indian food lovers. Seeing the increasing number of requests, she decided to launch cooking classes! What a great idea!

As Pallavi tells you on her FB page,Beyond pickles..One stop for all your Indian gastronomical cravings. Learn how to cook fancy curries or indulge in the flavours of homemade spices”. All is said.

Pickle Tango is celebrating 1 year in September and Pallavi just loves it! Through those classes, she can share her love for cooking, and also have the opportunity to meet wonderful persons, who for most of them, have become real friends.

Classes are given usually from 7 to 9 pm at her home. She accepts a maximum of 4 persons at the same time. The reason for such small number lays in the fact that when coming to her class, you will actually cook and not just look at her doing all the work! So the fewer people, the better.

You will cook in a very friendly atmosphere, extremely relax. The class usually starts with discussion and drinks and the real stuff effectively kicks off not before 7.30! Let’s leave your stress at the door please!

Pallavi proposes 3 classes:

  • one is 20 EUR/ pers and is the only one where we do not cook but only look and learn, with a taste of the recipe done at the end.
  • the other one is 35 EUR/pers, with teaching, cooking, and a degustation of your meal at the end, at the dinner table. Some snacks and one or two glasses of wine are also provided during the evening.
  • the  last one costs 45 EUR/ pers with teaching, cooking, and a more elaborate meal, meaning you’ll eat what you’ve cooked but also other recipes prepared in advance by Pallavi. Greater choice of snacks and illimited wine is also offered.

At the end of the evening, you go home with the recipe. And instead of “class”, you will rather call it a “Cool cooking night with friends”, as Pallavi shall be more than a teacher for sure.

What a great way to impress your friends at your next dinner party, Indian style 🙂

Revisite ta vie. Revisite ta ville.

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  • Thanks a lot for the brilliant article, specially the way you have captured the spicy tangy spirit of Pickle Tango.

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