Goguette, anytime !

Friday night. You have promised Claire / Marc to make a cool reservation and not to worry about a thing… but it is 7 pm and all the places you called are fully booked. And you are freaking out!

Breathe deeply and relax. Goguette is here.

You have one thing to do: answer my really simple questions to tailor-made your evening.

And BAM, I select for you 2 or 3 places max and send them to you by email.

Easy right?

Then, go fill out the goguette form and prepare yourself for an evening of surprise! And if you do not like my choices, well, at least you can tell your date that you did everything in your power to find the best possible place!

Revisit your town. Revisit your life.

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    Are you in the mood for…?

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