Kathy’s cupcakery, a glimpse of New York

Kathy’s cupcakery, a glimpse of New York

Here i am again.

For some reasons I keep on coming here, actually it is for well-known reasons: this place is cosy, this place serves excellent food.

I am at Kathy’s Deli and Cupcakery on rue de Strasbourg and while writing I’m hearing good old 80’s music, hell yeah. Here I have the feeling that I’m not in Luxembourg anymore and for me it’s all it takes to know when a place is great.

When you enter this coffee place, pay attention to all the details and you can escape reality.

Wait… yes you hear a loud American guy talking in the kitchen… yes this is the cook and yes you suddenly feel like you are in NYC in a neighourhood Diner waiting for your full plate of pancakes while hearing loud NYC girls talking about their Friday night out…

Old memories are the best, they remind you of where you’ve been, what you’ve done and I believe that when you take the time to go back then it makes you want to move forward. And if you haven’t been to NY, well you’ve all seen a movie taking place there so it might give you the urge to see it again or discover new one (you should definitely watch “New York, I love you”).

So please go to Kathy’s, run there.

The Saturday’s brunch is awesome. But, be careful it is always full a couple of weeks in advance so book a table in advance. Plenty of delicious meals is on the menu : “bagels breakfast” with eggs, bagels, sausages, salad, “banana pancakes”, “club sandwich” and so much more !

By only going rue de Strasbourg, you will travel further away and it will feel great, I promise.

Revisit your town, you might end up revisiting yourself.

Kathy’s Deli and Cupcakery, 9 rue de Strasbourg, L-2561 Luxembourg

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