MEET DeliKoreana – Korean takeaway of culinary deliciousness

MEET DeliKoreana – Korean takeaway of culinary deliciousness

Are you in mood for a cosy getaway while staying comfortably at home? Of course you are ! Then, meet DeliKoreana, the korean deli founded by Unsill Kim.

Already addicted with her Mandu, I wanted to discover a bit more about her story!

Let’s meet DeliKoreana!

Can you tell us more about yourself and your story?

I am Unsill Kim, korean born and expatried in Luxembourg since 2015. I live in Howald, with my husband and my 3 kids. This is also where I cook all the meals of DeliKoreana.

When I arrived in Luxembourg, I started off by creating my own location agency, KORLUX, organising the trips of Korean nationals willing to visit Luxembourg.

I also work with the Luxembourg Trade and Investments Office and assist them anytime Korean officials, journalists or CEOs come to Luxembourg.

Why have you decided to launch your own catering business?

Cooking is really a family story for me! My mom used to have her own restaurant in Korea where I helped her in the kitchen.

I have always taken a lot of pleasure cooking for my family and friends. Actually my kids beg me for Mandus (fried or steamed raviolis stuffed with vegetables/meat) every day so I had a lot of practice! I followed culinary classes back in Korea and had my degree recognized in Luxembourg last December.

On top of that, a lot of my friends showed interest in my cuisine. Their feedback were 100% positive and that comforted me in my decision to launch DeliKoreana in March 2020.

I propose traditional meals that Korean families eat every day such as kimchi, mandu or bibimbap.

Fried chicken

Are you cooking alone?

Yes I cook all the preparations in my home kitchen. That is why I need to receive the orders a day in advance to organise myself. For some specific ingredients, I need to drive to the Korean market in Trier.

I can also cater for corportions as I manage to cook for 20 to 30 persons every day.

Steamed mandus

Are you considering opening a restaurant in a near future?

Not really. As of today, my main goal is to find premises with a professional kitchen to have more space to cook.

This would also allow me to hire some help!

I love kimchi, can you give me your tips to make it?

Kimchi is THE traditional meal by excellence! Korean people eats kimchi every day, from babies to elderly ! It is also well-known for its nutritive benefits especially for pregnant woman.

The main ingredient is the chinese cabbage (nappa cabbage) mixed with gochugaru (red pepper), garlic and a bit of sugar. You can also add oinion or radish at your convenience. Once marinated, the cabbage needs to remain at least 2 days at room temperature. This is very important! Then, you store it in the fridge for fermentation for several days/weeks, depending on your taste.


How did Luxembourg welcomed your cuisine?

Really good! Since our launch, we have a bunch of loyal customers!

Luxembourg is definitely the best place for our business due to its international population. I am looking forward to spreading even more my cooking to the whole city!

But most importantly for me, I love sharing my culture to my clients. Some of them have already been to Korea and I am thrilled to being able to offer them traditional korean meals here in Luxembourg.

I try to connect as much as possible with the people when they come grab their orders at my place. I love our exchanges!

I am truly blessed for this special energy around DeliKoreana!

Thank you Unsill for this lovely talk!

You have to go and try ALL the menu! Mandu and Kimchi of course, but also dare trying the fried chicken, the bibimbap,… Well basically everything ! Bon Appétit!

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