Behind Kalos is the story of two sisters, Claire and Nina.

Both passionate of food, they have achieved their dreams by creating their own little coffee place and restaurant in the city center of Luxembourg.

While they just released their brand-new lemony logo, they took the time to answer some of my questions, with a smile, as always!

Meet Kalos!

For a start, tell me more about yourself

Nina: I have pursued the culinary school of Diekirch; then, I have worked for several restaurants in Luxembourg, such as Glow, Beim Renert or Ready.

Claire: I have a degree in arts but at the end of my studies, I’ve started working in several cafés and restaurants. Nina and I worked for Ready together for one year before launching Kalos!

Can you tell us why you decided to launch your own café?

Nina: Owning a café was actually the dream of our mum who passed away. She loved having friends over and cooking for them so we open Kalos, our own little restaurant, with her dream in mind!

Claire: We acquired experiences working for others, but it was time for us to create our own place, mirroring our values. We luckily found this perfect location and jump into entrepreneurship.

Kalos in Greek means “good and beautiful”, could you describe Kalos for my readers, in your own words?

Kalos is a small family café in which, every day, we work our heart out!

What do you prefer in your job?

Claire: We are luckily both passionate of what we do! We work to make people happy! Above all, we love to connect with our clients every day.

Nina: Kalos is also a project of real proudness for our entire family! Our dad, our big brother, other family members, who supported us since day one, are proud to come by every week for a lunch or a cup of coffee. We are blessed to being able to create memories in our own place with them!

You just did a rebranding; can you explain the reasoning behind?

Claire: We felt that our previous logo did not exactly reflect who we are! This lemon IS us and totally show our philosophy, our cuisine and the atmosphere we created over the last months.

Nina: We tried to make the most of the current situation and took time to brainstorm to find a new image. We are thrilled about the result, this lemon is 100% Kalos!

On the menu side, we are not going to make changes: we will continue to offer a small menu with 3 or 4 permanents dishes (granola, avocado toast, …), and a different bowl/soup each week. On top of that, we keep our various sweet and sour deliciousness.

Tell us the hits from your menu!

Nina: With no hesitation it is the tiropita! It is a traditional Greek cheese pie and also our mum’s recipe! When we were kids, we used to spend all our summer in Greece where my mum baked tiropita all the time. So of course, the fact that our clients love it as well is even more special for us.

Claire: Our second hit is the cinnamon and chocolate roll. Some clients drop by only for them!

Do you have any special desire in the future?

With the situation we had to face these last months, we are living each day at a time! We are simply looking forward to welcoming again our clients in normal conditions and continue to bring them joy!

Thank you, Nina and Claire, for your time and your smile! If you don’t know yet their lovely shop, please run there and try all their deliciousness prepared with love. And have a cup of coffee, it is one of the best in town, no doubt!

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